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The Chess Workouts© are the teaching arm of the Think Like A King® system. Written by experts at teaching chess to children, the Workouts take the work out of learning chess.

Unlike printed chess books that often prove too tedious for kids to follow, the fully interactive Chess Workouts are totally engrossing. Users move pieces on screen to solve problems, while engaging text explanations make the game come alive. Students earn ‘Workout Points’ as they move through each tutorial, learning their way up our Thinking Belt ladder until they've achieved a coveted Black Belt - in thinking.

Individually, each Chess Workout addresses thinking in a different part of the game. Together, the seven tutorials comprise an entire scholastic chess curriculum.

Most importantly, the Workouts aren’t just about teaching chess. They’re a way to use chess to teach critical thinking skills, focus, discipline and build self-esteem.

The Workouts are like having a private chess coach available anytime, ready to explain even the most complex ideas in a simple and appealing format. In fact, these may be the first chess 'books' that most kids read 'cover to cover'.


The Chess Workouts.
They take the work out of learning chess.



  • A comprehensive scholastic curriculum for home or school
  • Chess learning simplified
  • Beginner to advanced levels
  • Workout Points to track progress
  • Unique motivational tools to reward learning
  • Seven interactive tutorials that take the work out of learning chess
First Lessons in Chess
Tactical Thinking
Checkmate Thinking
Endgame Thinking
Opening Thinking
More Tactical Thinking
More Checkmate Thinking


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