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Download a narrated slide show of Think Like A King!

Slide Show

This 17 minute slide show is a perfect way to learn about the many powerful features of Think Like A King. Share it with your colleagues so they can see how easy it is to quickly build a successful chess program in a school, or throughout an entire school district!


Think Like A King® is a comprehensive suite of unique tools designed to meet the needs of scholastic chess players – and their coaches or teachers.

Whether you offer chess during or after school, with or without a formal chess club, Think Like A King helps you build a culture of learning – where Thinking becomes your school sport.

At School, it’s an entire system that addresses all the needs of a chess program, from Teaching to Motivation to Management.  So any school can have an expert chess program even without an expert chess teacher.  If you already have a great teacher, Think Like A King becomes the perfect assistant coach.

In a School District, it’s a rigorous and standardized way to establish chess at all your schools, using an interactive learning system that has proven itself nationwide.  Imagine the educational benefits of being able to make chess available everywhere with a system that allows any teacher to run a successful chess program.

Think Like A King® will help chess – and kids – succeed in your school. No wonder it is used in over 2000 schools nationwide.


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